ISG INSIGHTS: Is Your Operating Model Fostering Continuous Transformation? ​
Thursday, December 2, 2021, 11:50 AM - 12:05 PM

It used to be most digital transformations failed. Nowadays, a transformation initiative rarely has the chance to achieve any ROI whatsoever before it’s replaced by something new and shiny. In reaction to this cynical reality, the term Continuous Transformation is synonymous with never-ending pendulum swings of cyclical change that rarely hit their mark. Continuous transformation, done well, should represent a transformative cultural and organizational shift toward addressing changing customer needs and adding value to the core business instead of merely driving out the inefficiencies of existing systems and processes. This session explores how addressing the operating model first can create fertile soil for natural continuous transformation to occur.​

  • Do you desire true transformation or just better command and control?​
  • Is your organization externally value-driven or internally efficiency-driven?​
  • Do you approach product design and development from a human-centric approach?​
  • How do you break hierarchies of authority and establish networks of agile teams?​
  • What needs to change in your financial operations to enable the desired state?
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