Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta
Partner & Global Head, Digital Engineering
Gaurav has more than 2 decades of experience focused on complex, transformational change across key industries, including Manufacturing, CPG, Energy, Utilities and Lifesciences and has held leading positions driving the change agenda. His experience in establishing business transformation tenets early stage, allow him to envision and define an end state strategy which can be opernationalized.
As an ISG Partner, leading the Digital Engineering advisory, towards transformation programs which increasingly are assuming the shape of “Engineering led Digital transformation”, he will focus on building on the strong enterprise advisory & sourcing platform that ISG has and extend it towards the business-driven priorities. Gaurav and his team support both our Industry/Verticals and regions towards our direct-to-client models, including onshore and offshore resources.


CLIENTS WORKED WITH IN LAST 24 MONTHS: Offroad/Transport sector, Smart City Programs, Telco and Media, Automotive, ER&D Providers