Kapil Apshankar
Kapil Apshankar
Vice President - Digital Applications
an Engineering Leader and a Technology Entrepreneur with over 21 years of deep experience in Cloud, DevOps, Agile, Machine Learning and Data Science.

While I love my work as a Global Leader in Fortune 500 companies, my personal mission is to help transform lives of people. As a life coach, I help technology professionals achieve their professional and personal goals.

I believe that every individual has unlimited potential and with right kind of guidance and support, everyone can take his/her life to another level in the areas that matter the most: business or professional success, personal finances, relationships and health.

As a Life and Business Strategist, I help Business Leaders:
- Get crystal clear about your career, business and life
- Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals
- Reprogram your mindset, eliminate blocks and beliefs and hardwire your inner core for success
- Master your emotions and your energy thru innerwork and energy work
- Turn your life vision into a reality by establishing daily habits, routines and rituals that help you succeed

If you are looking to take your life to another level, book a free session with me and I would be happy to talk.

Professional Impact in Technology Industry:

1. Currently Associate Vice President, Global Head - Cloud Engineering at LTI
2. Global Head of Application Modernization Advisory and Strategy at Cognizant
3. Delivered enterprise DevOps-led wins worth cumulative TCV of US$ 2.4B
4. Anchored large scale enterprise DevOps-led transformations worth cumulative impact of US$ 750M
5. Lead inventor of “System and Method for Automatically and Efficiently Monitoring Software Development Lifecycles”. Patent pending USPTO approval: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20180082233
6. Founded Enterprise Agile, Enterprise DevOps and Application Modernization BUs at Cognizant
7. Established and grew Cognizant’s DevOps Practice to 3500 consultants globally in 36 months
8. Established India’s first global distributed agile engineering center with 150 full stack engineers in 2010